The candle that burns twice as bright…

Of late, seeing someone follow the web-search string of my real name to this website is enough to have me breaking a too-cold sweat. Him n’ me have diverged to a point where it’s hard to say what would happen if they were met, or put together by someone else.

It was all okay though because I got an email in the following minutes from one of my firstname/lastname peers, residing in Sydney, asking what the website was. (It always strikes me as amazing when i see these visitors show up to and index page one or two levels down, ie. — and they don’t think to backspace in the address bar to check the root page.)
I said, and mentioned to him that I’d just collated Google info on us replicants a month back. I asked which one he was. He said he wasn’t on google, but that he’d met another of us who was actually working for the same company as him.
I think it’d be fun to get us all together someday.
I erased all instances of Realname so it doesn’t happen again.

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