funk seoul bruvva

Once at the Apollo Bay music festival I saw Australian comedian, Dave Hughes, do his stand up bit about unemployment and being on the dole and how he put Coles and Safeway on his form every week. I could really dig it — it was total funny and I laughed lots. But I did notice one middling to late middle-aged woman get up with a look of disgust and leave. Not everyone digs slackerdom and some people think it shameful.

If you are one of those people, well I got a fucking job now so are you happy damn it? I’m going to south korea to teach the blighters how to speak the English. I’m going at about mid-january. This isn’t another one of those things I’m making up. I know you probably think I’ll be making the whole thing up — like some major project into psuedo-fiction. I realise my general behaviour doesn’t lend itself to credibility. There’s some people out there who don’t even believe I’m the original yak sox — they think that someone came in, conked him on the head, took over, shut down spouting and started up sunny breaks in it’s place. That’s the general feeling in Seattle and they won’t relink to me again because of it.

It’s like the land of opportunity for slackers. I won’t be sending money back home to the family so that they might join me one day, although I’ll probably moan a lot and might take up the clarinet. This whole thing’s been in the pipeline for ages but I haven’t mentioned it because usually as soon as I do that, it doesn’t happen. Sure it’s a really well-beaten path but even travelling to Melbourne freaks me out. Unfortunately my reaction to anything new/unknown is that I get disturbed and confused – like at the travel agent on Monday. I walk in there sweaty from walking too fast at 2:30 in the arvo, not having had lunch yet and having spent the morning with a bunch of noisy unpredictable mentals and I’ve never been to a travel agent before. I thought he was going to try and rip me off, and the guy having a yankee accent didn’t help. I said loudly, Don’t treat me like some chump because I’m not– I’m not a chump.
It took ages. I didn’t realise global air-travel was so complicated. The guy turned out to be alright and got me a good deal. Either that or I’m a chump.

There’s not much else I can say because it hasn’t happened yet. I’m really going to try and go with the flow. I have this problem where I get uptight when I see large examples of the offings of ‘high-stage capitalism’. I’m just going to have to try and get over it and not thiink that the world is going to end next week because someone built a half-kilometre long swimming pool.

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