I live upstairs from you

Why is it that I’m secretly disappointed bordering on offended when a gay guy doesn’t crack on to me? It’s like, what, I’m not good enough for you eh? I see.
I was in one of the many supermarkets I frequent and the guy checkout-chick’s name badge is Luka. I didn’t even know guy’s could be called that. Maybe they’re like call-centre workers and prostitutes in that they just make up whatever name or swap names amongst themselves.
I looked at the flat-panel item price display and it said, “Hello, my name is Luka”, which made me smile.
Oh wait… what about that Luka Bloom bicycle song guy. Okay.

I was buying ‘Chicken Flavoured Snacks’ – chip like things. One of the cons of me eating meat is that I slide straight to the crap end of it. Actually, I don’t think there was any chicken in there, but it’s the sentiment.
One of the pros is thatit’s kind of liberating. See, it’s easy for elite vegetarians, like the Dalai Lama, because he’s got a whole posse of dudes to do things like open up his sandwich to see if any joker slipped a slice of ham in there and read through the Ingredients: on the side of every packet.

Oh, how was that firewerks factory going up in Denmark? Pretty speccy. There’s another good exemplar of the present-day. It’s fantastic to look at but there’s death and destruction involved too.

Years and years ago I lost this audio tape belonging to Jimbo. It was Muppets, this one and it’s pretty hard to get or too expensive for me right now, but either way I can’t get him another. Which is a shame because it’s really good. He’s probably forgotten it but I haven’t.
Instead I’m going to make a tape of music to have car chases and adventures to. So far (not in order) it’s got:
jitterbug – angelo badalamenti — from the Mulholland Dve. soundtrack,
chase me – by Hexstatic
ninja walk –
nocturne –
juice – all by DJ Food, and from the Solid Steel sets,
8:25 -> 13:30secs of dj food & DK (which includes a snip of the Leonard Nimoy-narrated, Bradbury-penned, Marionettes Inc.) (there’s a 10Mb narrated version of that story here, unfortunately not by Nimoy).
4:35 -> 9:11secs of a Cold Cut/kid Koala Solid Steel set :: both of these chunks have some very nicely paced beats and brass, altogther post-war noirish.
toast to the boogie – and
scorpio – from the DJ Shadow complied ‘schoolhouse funk’ album.
popsicle – amon tobin
fidel castro – the skatalites
goldfinger – tommy cooke & the skatalites — because Jimbo’s into the early skas. Maybe
skanky panky – kid koala

and that’s all I’ve got so far.

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