“Because, it, sucks!”

Got a small job delivering the local free music newspaper around town. Me n’ this other guy nick in a little white van. He’s almost exactly like the quieter, snaggier of the two shop assistants in High Fidelity. Did everything except mention Belle & Sebastian.
Got to drive into the Ford (car) compound which was mildly interesting.

I don’t have much in the way of interesting links lately, apart from it’s funny how the seemingly innocent phrases, “mmm, that’s perfect” and “mmm, perfect” produce such a high rate of filth.

Re america what time is love? it’s a bit of a shame — I can’t say too much because the public here did the same thing. Maybe if the voting system there wasn’t so slabby and a little more proportional then the result might’ve (definitely would’ve) been different. And while both incumbents here and there presented a fear-boogieman, the one here – higher interest rates seemed more plausible than there; saying Kerry changes his mind. Since when was changing your mind such a weakness?

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