What to do when a troublesome “vegetarian” shows up at your dinner party

I’ve been veggo for nearly six years but chucked it in last night. Mainly because I won’t be, in a couple of months, for reasons that i don’t want to go into at this stage. So I thought, if I’ve made the decision I’m going to be eating meat then, then why the heck not now?
The main reason for getting on it to begin with was a conscience-based spiritual thing. As in — who’s to say that those animals aren’t on some journey toward kharmic Oneness alignment enlightenment, just like me. And if they are, then who the heck am I to participate in cutting short or chopping the paths of that journey. Also when you look at some animals like lambs or small cows it’s fucking obvious that they’re enjoying life and having fun. Again, who am I to put a stop to it?

Certainly the meat lobbies are partly responsible for the lack of thinking about the nature of eating animals (and I think it’s funny how that woman in the pork ads actually looks piggish) but also is the interepretation of the Christian tenet of ‘man having dominion over the “lower orders”’ or some such nonsense. It’s all interpretation, maybe dominion originally meant looking after them but not eating them.

I had a piece of flake (shark) with my chips last night. It actually made me cry. Or something did — maybe it was the movie Bend it like Beckham, or maybe I was just feeling emotionally piqued or maybe it was some kind of toxic-chemical reaction/readjustment.

It was an extremely unimpressive bit of food too. It’s the Ma n’ Pa fish n’ chip shop I go to. They’re a nice family, but their fare has never been A1. I think I’ll just go pragmatic and not be eating meat at home by myself but eat it if it’s served at me when I’m out. That’s pretty fucken meek huh.

– From way back when the Inspiral Carpets dragged me along on their stupid fishing trip to to take photos and all I had for dinner was a baked potato in tinfoil. Not pleasant memories.

ps. sorry for the heavy page loads lately.

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