a farewell to beef stroganov

Went bowling again. Personal-bested at 111. It’s all in the swingback. Eventhough I know this I still can’t do it consistently. And if there’s any benefits from the physically activity involved in bowling, it’s all easily undone with a small coke. I asked if we were a league team what would we be called. Jimbo says “hehe. That’s what we’d be called. ‘Hehe’”. I suggested Stoner Classix on account of the other two.

There was a ten Y.O.’s birthday party further down the lanes. Lots of bright hawaiian shirts, high-fives and enthusiastic cheering. There was one kid wearing blue sunglasses the whole time. I thought that was pretty cool. One of them ran over and asked GG and jimbo, “How do you make it go down there so fast? At 80 k’lomtres an hour!?”

Towards the end the place went disco on us. They tuned on the runway landing lights and started showing footage of beheadings, or Video Hitz — I couldn’t tell which.

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