foolscap plastic wallets explained

I don’t see why so many people poo-poo totalitariansism when I can get on an evening rush hour train in the Metropolis and see at least 60% of workers reading the same piece-of-crap, free, NewsCorp-spawn “newspaper” — MX.

I wish I could enlarge/shrink my bicycle at will and when small, fit it in my ear, a la Monkey Magic.

I’d like to renew my plea to the allied invaders, please pull out of Irak to stop the continuing atrocities like this – ‘Make Mixtapes not War’. Sheesh, I only got through one of two CDs and by then was so agitated that I was ready to hook someone’s testicles up and start juicing. 42 songs from no-name, no-talent wankers, with the exception of Sandro, who I like but that was on the 2nd CD so didn’t hear it.

Truncated statements galore in the form of number plates at rice cop — most are US, of which are allowed up to 8 letters in some cases — seems like cheating compared to the max. 6 here.

The fragment name, The Chuds was floating around in my head but I didn’t know where from. The Chuds are a NY punk band who most likely grabbed their name from a movie called C.H.U.D.. I found this out after noticing that the URL is available and would make a good name for a Travelling Wilburies style group blog.

ug, I have a headcold snotnose.

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