There’s a lot of things I could say and it’s taken me a couple of days to decide which ones I’d say. I’ve decided not to say anything at all.
Except that once upon a time there was a people who yearned so hard for the status quo that they made the mistake of leaving open a yard gate so that a rabid rottweiler could get in and tear apart the fuzzy bunnies of status quo. Even if the big dog had personal feelings of not wanting to tear apart the rabbits, the fact that the gate had been left open meant that it *had* to wreak havoc.
There was also some small children whose natural instinct was to protect the fuzzy bunnies. They would beat at and be mangled by the dog — so ultimately there’d be the complete opposite of status quo. The problem is, there’s no such thing as a status quo, there’s only going back and going forward.

But regardless of which way things are going, for today at least, I can still sit underneath some of those native pine trees (that I can’t remember the proper name for) and enjoy the sound of the wind in them like the sea in a conch shell.
And the bastards can’t stop me from subverting the results of their actions — their warplane’s vapour trail at night is a mysterious and awe-full sight.

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