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Wow, it’s strange how in some respects a year can slip around quite quickly: It’s the ’04 Crop Circle

Round-Up. Battle through the quaint old html and banner ads to have a squiz at this year’s, er, crop. I repeat, I don’t know who’s saying it, and I don’t know what they’re trying to say, but for Pete’s sake, please make them look more interesting next time. Yawn!
Also, swirled news, for all your terribly nerdy and peculiarly english crop circle news, including in-fighting among the ‘Plankers’. That’s what they do in england, make patterns, make tapes of eating chips then leave it on the bus, and take to the pocket calculator with a power drill to see if any neat image will form in the LCD.

Or at least that’s what Beflix does. So odd that he had to go on the link list.

– Interesting bit at adland about how SMS hasn’t really taken off in the US.

– SMS joke-writing sweatshop in China:
“The message goes like this – A little mosquito returns home distraught. His mother asks him why he’s crying. “Didn’t you father take you to see a show?” “Yes,” he replies, “But he forgot to fly away when the audience started to applause!” Receiving text messages like this one is a daily occurrence in China.” — from here.

— “Millions of people have realised that the quickest and easiest way to lay the groundwork for a relationship is through text flirting. Don’t get left behind, get on your mobile and go for it!” — from here.
        Yes that’s right, YOU! No time to ponder the implications of this behaviour, just do it!

– A study into the Insights into the Social and Psychological Effects
of SMS Text Messaging
In a nutshell, ‘Talkers’ are more likely to be normal, while ‘Texters’ are the same kind of creepazoids you run into in internet chatrooms.

Article looking at the semiotics of texting.

— “Word Spy subscriber Ravi Subramanian has suggested that another name for this type of medical condition ought to be “repetitive press injury.” Thumbs up!” — here.

There’s a bunch of English public information films here. They’re in Real media format and not fantastic quality but it’s cheaper than buying the dvd.

This chappy has some quite nice computer generated images. Yes, quite nice. Look, but for goodness sakes don’t touch.

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