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Yeah, Ausculture?. I looked at that once. They were doing a bit on Golden Girls and I thought, ‘I know what that Golden Girls is, that’s funny’.
Back in March I walked around town with the camera and stopped people in the street and asked if I could take a picture. I asked them a few questions too, to give the impression that I actually gave a toss. ‘Who are you?’, ‘Where are you going?’, that kind of thing. I told them I was going to put it on the web. What I intended to do was just post the fotos here and make wise cracks about their appearance. Some of the people excitedly asked what the website address was, so I said, “Oh, um … Ausculture.com”. “Ossculture”, I pronounced.

A day or two later I happened to mention the idea to my attorney over dinner. He said it wasn’t such a hot move. His sagely advice has steered me out of strife more than once so the project has been shelved ever since.
My attorney is a small dog. His office is just a couple of doors down from here, so I often see him hanging out in the front yard when I walk on by. He rents the space with a scotch terrier, a barrister who has something of a habit of hitting the hard liquor at 3 in the afternoon.
I know what you’re thinking -> don’t I loathe small dogs? But my attorney is pretty cool, he doesn’t bark at you or nothing.

stock photo of a small dog. Inset: magnification of a stock photo of a small dog.

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