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Stop hitting yourself:
(a tanka, gross weight)
stop hitting yourself,
stop hitting yourself,
stop hitting yourself,
stop hitting yourself,
stop hitting yourself!

* * *

So I went to to that music street festival i mentioned so. Didn’t see AIH because it was too crowded to get in. Did see some jazz. I always end up stnading there longer than i can be bothered with for that kind of thing. It dies after half an hour. Caught up with one of my guardian angels, Flic, who i hadn’t seen in 6 years. She’s a head-doktor of sorts, which I’d always known, but hadn’t realised it was of the psychoanalitix subgenre. I was impressed to learn this because it’s the area that’s by far the funniest. Even people who are only a year or two older than me (like her) had seemed like grown ups whereas I had somehow been retarded at 18yo or younger. But I’m slowly starting to catch up or at least move on or something.

Me n’ GG wandered by the old house we used to be housemates in. It’s been officially vacant for a year or more now, but it looked like someone had been squatting there for a bit. It’s funny how squatters invariably end up creating the same kind of habitat that rats and other vermin do. Scrunched up newspaper and skanky matresses etc.
That foto is of the room that I used to live in, except the walls were painted smarties-green back then. Sometimes, in the warmer weather I’d lay on my bed and imagine the whole place was under water and I lived under water and that’s why it was green. Even if the room wasn’t, sometimes I lived under water.

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