“I have two pets at home, a dog called Zoe, and a white cat with a brown tail called paddy.”

I am the U21 team’s 3rd top hockey player, state champs this year.
I have a flower shop in Hawthorn whose name plays on the word, ‘hydrangea’ sounding like, ‘ranger’.

�It’s a disgusting show of politicians’ lack of concern about the environment. …”

I am involved in monitoring the water quality of Whites Creek, which is located in Annandale.
Me n’ Jayce Moore make up Team Black Flag: 100% Male.
Last January I came 11th in the Category C BMX race at Bacchus Marsh and scored 11 points for it.
I graduated with a Masters degree from the Department of Geospatial Science and now work for Hatch Engineering.
I’m no.2 for Epping Eastwood soccer club.
I died in Canada in 1899.
In 1901, as a 30 year old farmer from Glasgo (sic)., I married Alice
I and some fellow chums from Scotch raced kayaks down the Murray in 1998. Go Scotch!

I live in Mortlake. I have many interests. My main hobby is motorbike riding. I have a Honda, and also ride a Honda four wheeler. I am planning to buy a new four-wheeler, aTRX250. I am excited about it. I am also interested in playing the drums and listening to music. I like all sorts of music, heavy metal, instrumental, 1980�s, and ACDC in particular. My favourite modern band is Metallica.

I am tweleve years old I have two younger brothers
My hobbies are colleting harry potter cards .
I took boomarange lessons and I do not have a picture for you.

Mrs bond spoke to us about dream time stories .

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