It’s funny how one can hold out against mobile telephony for a good eight years then within a week of giving in, wind up sitting on the can holding the damn thing.
I don’t know if this happens to other people but i getquite a few rogue messages — fragmented calls not meant for me, and in one case a text messages advising that a particular movie was to be on television that night. I assumed this was from someone that I knew and had emailed to say, ‘hey, send me a message’, so i replied, saying that I’d just watched The Italian job with a Glaswegian tug-boat captain, which was true.

I hadn’t seen a house as messy as that in ages. Not dirty-messy, but stuff everywhere. Furniture wasn’t arranged along the walls as per normal — everything was a couple of feet in, as if the room was too big for him; an audio visual junky. A series of TVs lined in chronological order. When the old one broke down it was left where it sat. And not small things either, the oldest did look rather old but had a sizable screen.
The present day set up was a video projector suspended from the ceiling with one of those pull-down projector screens that was positioned right in the middle of the room so that you had to duck right down under it to get from one side of the room to the other.
He was eating stewed meat straight, no vegetables or nothing. It smelled terrible. Although he was good enough to put together some beans and rice for me. The movie was about what you’d expect considering it was made to sell cars.

There’s a version of Negativland’s song, U2 here, on the Illegal Art site. It’s a little shorter than the version I have on tape, but it’s got the ‘fuck you too, Richard’ line that gets me my jollies so well.

I was resetting up the stumbleupon function for Mozilla and in the sports category there’s the subcat, cheerleading. Leftbanker is always going on about the unspoken, ongoing tradgedy of cheerleader accidents, so I decided to find out what all the fuss was about. Check this out.
Sometimes I get a little resentful because it feels like australia has become the 51st state, but thank fuck cheerleading hasn’t caught on here. I think some of the rugby teams have a few but they don’t throw women 3 metres vertical and such.
I mean, in the past I’ve complained about tertiary education being a bit shoddy, but at least I didn’t have to wash cars all weekend to put myself through, while some chick doing accounting got a free ride-scholarship just because she was willing to risk being crushed at the bottom of a human pyramid.

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