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I finally got started on a little tape-dropping work of my own the other week. I thought the best place to dip into it is with the tape-drop equivalent ofthe oil-painter’s bowl of fruit — ie. I ate a large bag of potato chips (crisps) noisily into a tape recorder. I thought it’d be relatively straight forward, but the first try I used a tape that was too old and fuzzed out, and I nearly cracked up laughing. The second was better, but i want a third try where most of the crunches are of 3 or 4 chips at once for maximum crunch sound, as opposed to the single-chip effort.
All this means I’ve been eating a lot of potato chips.

What I’d really like is a minidisc player so I could make lots of copies onto cassettes from the master. Also, I’ve been hearing so absolute rippers of conversations in op-shops n’ the like. The kamera’s on hand for anything oddball enough in the visual realm, but I’d love to digitise some of these audio-gems.

The Preston School of Industry is headed up by the guitarist from Pavement. I only listen to Pavement these days, but there’s a couple of PSoI tracks on that site. They’re playing at the Corner hotel in Richmond in a week n a half.

John Safran vs God – the first episode last night included 15-20 seconds of safran puking peyote tea.

The Post-punk Cooking show has a bunch of neato vegetarian recipes. If I wasn’t such a crazy rebel maybe I could actually understand them.

And here’s two pages on the jitterbug, how to do it and a bit of a background.

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