Free Derry / It’s a Free Dairy!

It’s no secret that I fell in with a gang some 2 months ago. I could’ve had the whole spouting thing fixed up in half an hour but I was preoccupied. It’s an Irish set dancing gang. Is it so daggy that it’s cool? Is it that I’ve become so open minded that my head’s melted off my shoulders? Or is it less positive; effectively total personality diffusion — I’m not really anyone (any one) anymore and will do whatever is suggested to me?

Whatever the case, I went to Port Fairy this weekend and jigged on with 70 other people. And enjoyed it. I had a Zeligish moment while sitting – me n’ 4 people with Irish accents who I hadn’t met before. They were talking, one asked me how long I’d been dancing and I went to answer and it damn near came out in an irish accent — i can’t even do that accent if i try consciously… but like i say … I just diffuse or morph into whatever’s around me.

Golly they were nice people though. On average, much happier than normal people around here. Totally accepting of my freakishness. Maybe they just want to use me to further their plans of domination, organising the world into pairs, four pairs at a time, or 96 bars in a figure. Okay by me. You wanna go dancing?

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