right here, right now

I don’t know why but sometimes when I see people I know, I don’t say hello to them. I’m at 1968-74, aka colac, and was just in the Subway and saw this guy who was in my year level at school. He’s a really really huge guy, huge with a capital U. I didn’t say hi, and don’t feel so good about it. I just wasn’t in the mood.
I even kind of used to hang out with him a bit too, since all us weirdos, outcasts flocked together. I suppose there was about 15 of us, and then the two of us might’ve been at different ends of the periphery. Thing is, he has a surname that is the sound that would emit if you took him and dropped him from height, six letters first one S, last two T. Like the guy on the front of the Fatboy Slim, ‘You’ve come a long way Baby’ album cover, but heaps bigger and definitely not as smiley.
Ma says he was driving taxis for a while but is too big to get behind the wheel. She reckons he might die one day soon.

A couple of years ago I was thinking of him while sitting in a pizza joint in Belmont, because that Fatboy Slim track came on the radio — the one that has the “right here, right now” and the catchy, striving-sounding loop in it. I got this idea that I’d like to do a doco with this guy in it and mostly it’d just be elongated shots of him eating, including one where he was eating greasy pizza like his life depended on it, and that track would be playing in the background.

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