flow my tears, the policeman said

Man, who’d’ve thought it would be so hard to prove who you are and leave the country. Now I can see why being an illegal alien is so popular.

Going into police stations always reminds me of Lego police stations, except with much more state-sponsored violence. I leave the way open for dealing with a police officer in person to sway me away from the generalisation that all cops are arseholes, and they only reinforce it. And they’re invariably called Keogh or monahagn or arsesole.
Some of my best friends have been whacked over the head by cops. Actually, most of my best friends have been whacked over the head by cops. Some during fully constitutional public demonstrations. Once I heard this thing on the radio where a guy had used a funny voice and turned his cop interview/interrogation tape into a performance piece of sorts. The first one they gave me was such a downer to relisten to that I taped over it with music. I think I kept the second one as a reminder that crime is just one of those things I’m no good at.
One the other hand, the minor offense, j-walking, I’m fucking brilliant at.

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