nature boy

My legs are killing me. I was doing all this weeding down at a friend’s place, and I know what you’re thinking but this was Land of the Giants weeds and sized area to be weeded. I don’t know what kind of person I am, but I’ve never been able to touch my toes, so all this bending over stuff screwed with my hammies, or something. Plus there was the digging ditches, heaving hail bails, collecting fire wood … and chain-sawing. Lending more weight to the argument that ‘Man’ is inherently destructive, peacefrog no.1 me really got off on the old chainsaw. I will have an arm amputated at the elbow and get a chainsaw put there so I can rip through anything, anytime.

There was also watching dvds when it was raining. Cream’s last gig – pretty rockin’. A Led Zep double – very good. I’ve got to get a t-shirt with “Led Zepplin Rules” on it, because they do. And a Roger Waters concert – meh. They got a drumkit there and it’s in a fairly confined space so i felt a bit unsure about totally rocking out, but man, eventhough drums are way more difficult to learn than bass, drummers easily have the most fun. It’s much more physical, and therefore in tune with the nature of rockin’ than strumming on an electric guitar, no matter how hard you wang it. Anyway, they’re a groovy family to hang out with and it was a good break in the routine. Nature boy foters here.

Ps. Thanks for bearing with the technical hitches in launching Sunny Breaks. We should be over the worst of it now.

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