goodbye spouting, hello sunny breaks

Yes it’s me, yak sox, back with another weblog and address for it. What the gum drops happened? I hear you ask. It’s a long and unfunny story involving a series of boo-boos by other people, the fact I don’t have a credit card, and found myself saddled with a rather user-unfriendly webhost. This weblog, formerly known as spouting now resides on a different server, run by different people.

Second thing, many, many thanks to Tony for letting me guest-blog at The Horse’s Mouth for the last four weeks of this six-long gap. I think that the kind of webloggers who blog because they’re addicted to it aren’t the best kind becasue if they’ve got nothing else to write, they’ll write things like, “Wow, I must be hungry because the little bits of crud collecting in the sink-strainer look appetising”, and it’s not great. Nevertheless, I am one of them. And a grateful one to have avoided permanent mental damage and to have somewhere like The H’s M to bleed hell into.

I’m actually not that disappointed to change URLs. I think Spouting was decided on after 5 minutes of thought. And it seemed to colour the content — going off about everything. Like people named Cretin become cretins. I did actually know a kid lastname Cretin, but the spelling might’ve been different. Maybe Sunny Breaks will be more upbeat. I’ll do a full wanky deconstruction of the name another day. It was the result of a two-week brainstorm — and then five minutes spent picking the successful applicant. Also on the short list were (as URLs) – nucula draclear … – doesn’t even come up as a google let alone an already occupied url
# gog eyed
# onomatopoeia … I think all the .com, .net ones were taken for this though
# onotomato
# nasenbluten … .net still available. It’s german for newcastle. Perhaps inappropriate in that I don’t live or have ever been to any of the known newcastles, but I do like the sound, and there was a happy-hardcore group from newcastle, NSW called that in the mid-90s.
# 5corpio … because I’m not averse to the substitution of numbers for letters, with the exception of 0 for o, which is dumb.
# bug-eyed … .org available. While heaps of names/terms have been squat upon in the last 3 years, the hyphenated option is almost always still open.
# … is an example of the hyphenation thing.
# KaosLiberationFront … probably the runner up, although if The Man was responsible for taking down Spouting (think Mr.Slugworth having a word in the ear of the concerned parties to make sure none of my attempts at reactivation worked) (he’s nuts isn’t he) — KLF would probably draw attention quickly.
# grueltime … gruel is a good word. Food is universal.
# sicmate … as in [sic.] mate! — would be fun.

I thought also of It’s cyber-sqautted, with an email addy saying, ‘ask about buying this name!’, so I did. They said $7000. Reminded me of that bit in The Blues Brothers where Elwood fills up Twiggy’s car and she asks how much it’ll be and he pulls “ninety bucks” out of the air. I replied to the email offering fifty bucks for it but didn’t hear back. What a racket. The internet could be dead in a couple of years, or so changed that URLs won’t even matter.

Hey, it’s great to be back!

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