blazing saddles

I bought a new pushbike today. Iron Horse Adventure. First of all I’d like to thank those folk in China who oversaw the production of its components and whose weekly wage is the same as what I spent on chips last night at the fish n’ chip shop.
It’s a pretty sweet ride. All the gears work and it even has brakes, so it’s already ahead of my brother’s mountainbike that I’ve been riding for the last six months. I took it straight out to the ol’ cementy hill at Fyansford to see how fast it would go. Pretty fast, but I couldn’t lean too far over the handlebars because I had the kamera in my top pocket.

This is all that’s left of the chimneys out there. The photo doesn’t really do its massiveness justice. Looks like a good spot to shoot a scene for a cheap sci-fi movie.

I would’ve written something good on here in the last day or two except I’ve been pissfarting around with this CSS-changer plugin which would enable you, the reader, to choose from a couple of different ways the page can look. But I’ll be buggered if I can make it work. And frankly I have a hard enough time maintaining one theme, let alone several. I’ve been sick of this theme since about two weeks after the last reasonable opportunity I had to put some time into changing it, three months ago.

There was a guy from a bike shop lamenting the whole litagataseousness of society and saying that if the pushbike was invented today it’d never take off because it’d be labelled dangerous. He’s probably right too. And there’s thousands and thousands of people out there who won’t ride a bike because they don’t want to wear a helmet, which is a shame because those fat-arses could really use the excercise.
There was a leaflet taped to the handlebars of the one I bought. One of the sentences is, “If you don’t want to take any risks or are the type of person who blames everyone else for whatever goes wrong in your life, do not use our stuff!”
You’d have to admit they must’ve got a lot of whiney complaints of skun knees to get to that kind of opener, instead of the usual, ‘Congratulations on your purchase of the Iron Horse Adventure model…’
It’s crafty how they hitched a ride on the Ferrari dancing horse logo. It’d be pretty easy to slip up, get home from your purchasing adventure and go, “Hang on a minute! I thought I bought a sportscar! What’s this pushbike doing in the driveway?”

– On that last post about Gmail, I was just thinking that really I’m just as much of a rube as the next person. I wasn’t really saying I wasn’t, but it’s rather clever the way they gradually made it available — first, while it was still Beta, to so called opinion leaders online like — who are guaranteed to give it a postitive review. Then to Blogger users – who can invite a friend -> which automtaically creates talk and for a little while at least a small amount of exclusivity in an environment where there’s not much of it normally — anyone can downlaod software if it’s free etc.
If Google had just provided a page to sign up on there would’ve much less said about it.

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