keep on truckin’

I’ve been going a bit berzerky malerky with the images and that’s totally okay.
I saw this out at the recycle depot and was very tempted to buy it. I may still do. I think it’s $8.99 – although it looked like they’d come into a whole load of stickers that said $8.99, because they were stuck on everything and everything was $8.99. It’s the $8.99 sale.

I just had another exam this morning, in the big hall this time – a gymnasium hall thing but they roll down carpet and hide the basketball backboards real good. Pretty damn Orwellian sitting there at this little table, the tables in long rows, silently filling in circles while overseers silently float past. High, high roof. Everyone seperate and no one overtly goofing off. I was imagining what It’d be like if that’s what I and everyone else did 5 days a week, 9->5 — obediently sitting filling in forms in a big room.
That was the last one, ever. I’m done. I hope I passed because there’s no way I could drag myself through anymore of it for some time. Am I going to take a little break?
No. It’s tempting, but a decade would slip by just like that, he says clicking his fingers. It’s like I’m doing life backwards, I’m the kid who doesn’t think ahead and eats desert first and had retirement first and now I will work until I drop dead on the linoleum.
The people at the institution and going to take a look at my resume tomorrow and I’m going to apply for the same job that keeps coming up, and I keep applying for but never get.

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