melbourne. it’s all about the glasses frames.

Addendum to the list of stuff I like: I like it when someone stops me on the street, hands me a camera and gestures that I take a foto of them and theirs.
Big analog thing it was too. Good old analog. Mine’s sitting on the bookcase, I haven’t touched it in years. Sometimes it catches my eye and I think, ‘How big!’
After snapping it for them I should’ve whipped mine out and got the fellow to take a photo of me with his family.
‘So, ya like the State Library eh? Well it’ll never show up in this light from this distance with this camera!’
We were on the diagonally opposite corner.
‘I want to put you right in front of those central stone columns. Juxtapose the soft, irregular flesh of the human on to the unrelenting geometry of the sandstone.’
Who was I kidding? They couldn’t understand a word I was saying.
‘C’mon’, I wave an arm at them in gruff signal that they j-walk across the intersection with me. They don’t, and the guy reaches out for his camera. I pull it back out of his grasp.
‘Uh-uh. Not until I get this shot!’

I’ve become quite the professional amateur photographer.

In other news, Spencer street station has slipped into another dimension that still has large-scale ciggy advertising, and is near impossible to navigate.

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