metal fingers in my body

How cool is Add n to (x) with song titles like, ‘Steve’s going to teach himself who’s boss’, and ‘Old lady Ealing does man experiments’ ..? I think they’re from Germany and inspired the whole local SpaceRock thing here a while back in Shaolin Woodmen, Dave Thrussel and Ollie Olson.

I had to take down the wiki because people were abusing it.

I’ll let you in on one of my eternal, universal truths: if you have an idea get it out there because sitting on it only guarantees that someone else will beat you to the punch. Even if your idea is stolen you can still take the moral high ground and tell yourself that you thought of it first, but if it’s not Out There First, then you just look llike a copy cat.
And so, still half-baked and at an highly (pronounced ‘eye-lee’) inopportune time in that I have freakin’ exams to study for, I’ll tell you about THE BOX.
It will have lights and whirring bits and make noises. There won’t be any way to see what goes on inside the box. I will invent it and what it does is I feed a bunch of information into it and it gives an answer. It will make me rich.
Specifically – it will predict which suburbs in a city/town will rise in property value based on the migration patterns of how funky hipster people move into a divey/industrial/backwater ‘burb which the yuppies/gentry then eventually catch on to and buy up at much more exorbitant prices in a feeble attempt to purchase souls for their wretched cappo shells of bodies.
The bigger a city, the more complex the equation — lots of variables. For instance, the historical development patterns of a city like Sydney are way more chaotic than Melbourne. Of course the workings will have to more-or-less break it down to a street by street basis, but for resell purposes (that is, the information to the land-owner class who may or may not be yuppified, they could just as well be slobs – as long as they have they money for a) the information b) the property bought off the hipster and resold to the yuppy at many hundred % markup) I’ll only give general ‘burb names.
In fact the box won’t really do anything except blow smoke up people’s arses. I’ll be making the decisions, but it’ll look good. Here’s one for free: the arrow here’s pointing at North Geelong.

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