Why ‘the man with the golden gun’ is probably my fave bond movie:

What a piece of work. I say favourite in the sense that it’s already become an artefact and could be seen as the exemplar of ‘Bond’. —
– 007 style sexism rampant throughout
– a level of cultural insensitivity I don’t think we’ll ever get back to.
– character names: Chu Me, High Fat and Miss Goodnight.

Kooky: Lee

– several safari suits and safari style shirts
– Roger Moore — the trashiest of all the bonds
– The main baddy, played by Christopher Lee, was more kooky than threatening or scary
– Knick-Knack -> thee GoTo midget when you need good midget acting action. (aside: why don’t more midgets become actors? Everyone would be happier if they did.)
– a really dippy attempt at a trippy ’60s ‘The Prisoner’ style set, 4 years after the ’60s had ended
– some of the lamest martial arts scenes I’ve ever seen
– Eurovison winner, Lulu, singing the theme song
– some pretty nifty bits in the score
– that cork-screw jump car stunt
– one really obnoxious Lousianian tourist

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