he loved colour and he let it show

Believe me, you probably wouldn’t want to read anything I post at the moment anyway because I’d keep slipping into essay-speak, “While, such as, contrast this with, however, however however, yet blablabla”. It’s ugly. I gotta get me some new words. I vowed to myself that until people start saying “moreover” in the milkbar then I will never write it. Now there’s not even any milkbars.

On the last assignment i got back—make that the only assignment I got back – how d’ya like that for a clevernation education system—one of the comments the marker left was, “Use academic language”, and I’m like, Pfft, how do you think that expression, “well, it’s academic now” = it DOESN”T MATTER .. came about??? Because the academy shut itself off from the normal man.

It’s probably only because if telly that normal people know what psychology is, and I reckon that on average, twice a week for the last two n’ a half years people have arxed me, “so what’s communication studies?” and y’know what? I STILL DON”T KNOW.


I see there’s some paintings by the Impressionists on tour at the moment. I don’t know a whole heap about art but I’ve always been able to identify with VanGough due to his craziness. I’ve got cut out pictures from calendars and magazines all over the joint here.

It struck me the other night while watching A Clockwork Orange that I tend toward anything that’s nicely exaggerated. Afterall, art in any form will always be some kind of facsimilie of life, so why bother trying to make it like reality when it clearly isn’t? So I thought clockwork was pretty good, – the way the main charcter just lay there with his mouth open waiting to be fed etc.

And Vincent’s bright colours. Nice.

Y’know it was when the Manchester sound went into decline, around ‘93 that Bristol expanded, and now ‘unemployed yoof’ has fallen to no.3 on Britain’s main exports. Behind no.1 what is loosely termed ‘Documentary’ – but often are done in collaboration with US-based media companies and contain just as much CGI as real footage. No.2 with a bullet is these things I’ve mentioned before – saucy recreations/dramatisations of various periods in the last 600 years.

They should do a sitcom based on the time when VanGough and Gauguin were housemates in the south of France.

Gauguin: Vincent, have you seen my new tube of ultramarine?

VanGough: I threw it in the fire!

{Laugh track}

Gauguin: You did what?!

VanGough: It kept talking at me and it wouldn’t shut up—

{laugh track}

VanGough: wouldn’t … shut… up [anguished]

{audience: awwww}

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