he’s just not trying anymore

Here was two post ideas:
title- ‘Hey, Nice Beaver!’ (a loaded gun line) – about how my food cupboard has been steadily filling up since the start of the year. It’s unusual for me, thus worth writing about.
title- ‘do you feel like DarthVader?’ (line from dj shadow track, usnsure where it’s sampled from) observation about how I can move forward through time if I start Wed. Morn early enough.

The title of this entry is a line from the simpsons – Bart in relation to a ‘where’s waldo?’ book.

I had a social sciences software test on Monday. It’s called SPSS which stands for stoopid psychology sduhdistics software. I almost had a full scale panic attack because I blanked out trying to remember what to do when someone doesn’t indicate what sex they are on a questionnarie. I think I passed it, but it was supposed to be really easy, a “gimmie”, which doesn’t bode well for the actual research methods exam. What the fuck am I doing maths for? Most people figure out what they’re good at, and do that. I figure out what I’m good at, and do the exact opposite.
On the upside, I made smalltalk on the bus afterward. An international student, from Singapore, who sometimes wears this wincheater with a picture of koalas on it. I think that’s totally awesome. 1) We australians take it Bigtime for granted that we live in a koala-filled country.
2) Her wearing that top is, like, My working Definition of COOL. Take something that you’re present-day peers and the mainstream consider uncool, distasteful, loathesome, cheap, child-like, inferior — and make it your own.
The thing is, this can’t be done consciously. I couldn’t wear that top – I would be a pretentious wanker. No one in geelong could pull it off. This town needs an enema. Seriously. I’ve been thinking about making a category called that.
It’s possible that there’s nothing wrong with this town, and it’s possible that there’s nothing wrong with me, but together – it’s disaster.

So anyway, fellow australian, when you get a moment sometime today, have a think about our fantastic and wacky natural fauna.

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