it doesn’t really matter if I have a title or not anymore because we’re no longer being syndicated

Heard: In chemist, one middle-aged lady to another, “Can I touch you? Touch you for luck?”
Seen: Woman with kid in supermarket eating a little parcel of cold meat she’d presumably got at the deli. That’s great. More people should eat supermarket food while they’re still in the supermarket. That way you don’t have to pay for it.

While there’s more than a few christians who missed their calling as advertising creatives, I don’t think this sign belongs to one of them — I’d seen this for weeks before I finally got it. I wonder if god has a good knee-mail spam filtering application and if so could it please be open sourced because us mortals could sure use one.

<a href=”” title=”20040526_KNEEMAIL by esquimauxpie, on Flickr”><img src=”” width=”172″ height=”116″ alt=”20040526_KNEEMAIL” /></a>

Red hat is the name of a Linux distribution, they have a free version of their product named Fedora. This morning I found out that Fedora is the name of a hat. Here is a picture of one. And here is a glossary of hat terms.

Last night I was sitting on the lawn of a front yard overlooking Corio Bay. Talking to Michael Douglas but I don’t remember about what apart from him finishing a sentence in a casual tone of voice saying, ‘… that was before I had the sex change operation’. Before I had any time react in whatever way I was going to a series of airforce planes and jets flew over. It was all part of some carnival in the town. A harrier jet slowed down and hovered right over the top of us. It brushed tree branches out of the way. S’pose I was a little surprised at how quiet it was and how little wind it produced. It was aqua. It’s engines faltered a bit and it jerked down to 20 or 30 feet above. I was a bit worried it was going to conk out and squash us.

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