dark, dark in the daytime. People sleep, sleep in the daytime

– Been listening to internet radio. Finally, a decent app. for Linux, streamtuner, hooks into xmms. Listening to things I haven’t heard in a while, like drum n’ bass stuff and Zionradio, Jah Mon. And while I’ve known for a while that it’s a serious health hazard to listen to anything over 80 beats per minute while eating, especially dinner, I still end up doing it. Keep an eye on the obits.

– I saw a platypus in the Barwon river. Amazing considering how toxic it was in summer — algal bloom, big red painted WARNING signs saying not to let the water touch you. Rivers are so temporary.

– I feel like the whole of reality can at best only be considered a ‘secondary source’ of information lately.

– This is that part of the year where the writing here is gruel-thin and you’re doing me a favour by visiting.

– Got another story rejected and sent back the other day. They said only peasants use contractions.

– Add ‘Winterbottom’ to the list of surnames that sound funny.

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