Sheepdog standing in the rain bullforg doing it again wsome kind of happiness is measured out in miles what makes you think your’re somehting special when you smile childlike no one understands jack kniefe in your swweaty hands some kinf od innocence is measured out in years you don;t know what it’s like to listen to your fears you can tralk to me you can talk to me you can tqalk to me if you;re lonely you can talk to mebig manwalkin gi nthe park wigwam firghtened of the dark somekinf od solitude ismeaures out in you you’re thin uyou kno me but you aven’t got a clue you can toalk to me you can tlak toiu me you can talk to meif you;re lonely you can talk to mehey bulldog heyy rarrhr ruff ruff hey ulldog ruff he bullog hey billeffog hey bulldog hey man what’s happening ruff, what do you say you say ruff you don’t need more roorrrhh ahh ahhhhaaaahhahaa you got it you got it tha’;ts right thata’s it taht’;s man that ‘s it you got it ruff you really got potentital hahha hhhaaah ruff it you gotit ahhahhha ahhaa quiet!quiet! quiet!hey bulldog

[I wish I could claim this but it’s from here along with a copy of Black Velvet Flag’s cover of Suicidal Tendencies’ Institutionalised.]

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