three towers

This is the sign for my fave coffee shop in the whole Geelong area.


It’s a reused petrol station set-up. They’ve got all this trashy furniture to sit on or you can sit outside near where the pumps used to be. That’s what I like to do. It’s on one of the main out-roads to the west (Ballarat et al.) and there’s quarries around, so there’s generally a fair amount of trucks on the go. But I kind of like that — trucks are at least honest about being noisy smog-belching things, and they’re actually doing something compared to 4WDs. And no, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, the sign really does look that wonky – it looks like I did it. I didn’t, although I was there on one of the days when it was being painted.

Fyansford is on the outskirts of the city and the next suburb over from where I am. After heading down there a couple of times I was surprised at how little time it takes to get there. It was late last year when I dug the area properly. I’d just finished watching the Twin Peaks series and could see that at least through the tricks and framing of a camera lens there were several parallels. There’s not actually much at Fyansford at all: a pub, a few shops and some old workers cottages. There’s a cement bridge there built in roughly 1904(?) which at the time was the first of its kind in the world.


On the cafe sign are three chimneys. They belong to the now almost completely defunct cement works. I know there’s only two showing in the second foto but the other is just out of shot.

But they’re going to demolish them and the first one comes down on the 30th. I’m not happy about it. Yes, they’re only cement, but they’ve got character.

I recently heard that Delphin are going to subdivide the area into 10 to 15 thousand allotments over the next 15 years. Ug. More about that another time.

More ug – it’s got to one of those periods where I have to turn off the news it’s all such a freakin’ freak show.

Three cheers for CORE for rolling with the punches and outliving the script kiddies. Core was recently messed up a couple of times by intruders, and so has switched content management systems from Nuke to WordPress. There’s a version you can have a play with here.

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