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Went to Melbourne yesterday. Picked up CD. Bought some (as Leo Johnson was fond of saying) ‘new shoes’. Apart from a pair of discount converse someone else bought for me I haven’t had any brand new shoes in over six years, so as you can imagine it was quite an event. I got these low-cut doctor martens which at present are a little stiff and need some inner soles for my mutie flat feet. But Veronica gave me a verbal guaruntee that I could wear them every day for the next two years before they wore out. Either way they are rather sturdy and will will be just what the doctor ordered for all those times when I phase out, walk, walk and walk until I end up in the wilderness.
So for good old fashioned service the spouting seal of approval goes to Veronique shoes on Smith st Collingwood near the corner of Argyle. Just up from the Converse, Adidas and Lotto factory seconds places. Oh the discount shoe district? Yes.

As far as I’m concerned JB hifi craps all over Gaslight these days for range of electronic music. I picked up Amon Tobin’s Out From Out Where album, which had a bonus NinjaTune ‘zentertainment’ compilation attached to it. For 23 bucks it’d be crazy not to buy it.

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