L.A.M.P. and CMSes etc.


Well I must say it’s nice to be setting this site up on an apache server — a L.A.M.P. set up no less. This is going to be a nerdy entry, you’re warned.
Yup, Linux, Apache, MySql and Php. The first year of spouting on the internet was on a unix server, but it was Zeus – and poorly maintained. And then, most recently – a microsoft server which has a lot of disadvantages. The other day I was able to set up an .htaccess file and put an end to hotlinking of images. Goodo!
Eventhough it’s only been a week or two that I’ve been using this new server, why spoil a fine record of opining on things way before time. I’m impressed with the unchangingness of the SmartArtist serving behaviour — it’s always there so far which is actually pretty good in these procrastination-filled times because I’m clicking through several times a day.

[Addendum to entry; 15/12/04. I’m not vindictive, but I think it necessary to add to this entry if people are going to google SmartArtist to here. My end personal experience with SmartArtist was that, while thier servers were reliable, they failed miserably in the customer service dept and were not true to their word.]

Stretched out on a RAQ, it all is, with a little picture raq

Was a little miffed at Nukulus, because I did my database backup just like I was supposed to before the move and then when it got to business here, I find out from the lads down at R&D *that backing up with Mozilla doesn’t work*, which is preposterous really when you think about it.
So I’m slowly dragging my way through hand cut n’ pasting 400 entries back into shape. I’ve done this kind of thing before — there’s actually this unhealthy little bit of my head that likes doing it. But it’s heaps worse this time because some MySql quirk means that everytime I did “this” or contracted a word, it stuck dreaded ‘s next to the inverted commas.

On the upside I had a little fiddle with pivot 1.10 and was rather impressed. Truth be told, Pivot was another of those things that didn’t cope very well with the MS server. But it set up smoothly and I tried out its conversion tool, switching over the other 400 entries from movable type to Pivot without any problems at all. So even though the archives are still split between two CMSes, at least I’m finally rid of all those movable type hyperlinks. It converted comments, tracbacks no probs.

And nucleus eXtreme Edition looks interesting. Just tried it out on the internal server and even though I don’t like the slickness and bland ‘skins’, some of the plugins it has configured are neat. If it’s not extreme or monster these days it’s nothing, am I right? I think I dislike the misappropriation of the word ‘skin’ re: the oter surfaces of computer programs even more than I find the word ‘blog’ reminds me of sitting in the toilet.

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