Dies sind nicht meine Schuhe. Meine sind braun.

I’ll have to be brief because the homewerx are banking up again, they just won’t leave me alone.
I saw a Yamaha keyboard in the opshop on friday and snapped it up — 60clams. It’s this metalic light-brown colour, like a nissan skyline, and came in a beige-mustard polyester bag. The dint that this particular model, PS-25, made on reality musn’t have been very big, or was a long time ago because there’s basically nothing on the internet about it. I took a foto of it, intending to put it here, but then I looked at the foto and really, it just looks like a keyboard.
It has a disco beat button.

Since I sold the bass guitars last year there’s been a small hole. I’ve mentioned Dan Wilson before– and listening to his tape dropping antics has been inspiring to the point where I want to give it a go. While I’m trying to cut loose and employ unconventional ‘instruments’, some traditional ones would be good too.
I’ve got this foolscap sized plastic wallet thing for photocopies and it has fine grooves in it that when you scratch across them with a fingernail gives an excellent squikky-squikky sound, which I hope to perform a full opera on.
And the keyboard, accompanied by me making non-word vocal sounds, which are obviously hard to box into written form, but will be things like, “WWooHH!”, and “eewwrrahH”. Also I have a little British Airways German phrasebook (1978) for the business traveller, which I’ll recite from; Können wir Lunchpakete haben? — may we have packed lunches?
and Ich möchte ein englisches Frühstück. – I should like an English breakfast.
Hehe that thing’s been giving me entertainment for years. No one says ‘may I’ anymore. I should like to try and make a habit of it.

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