lawsuit? Wot, Me Worry????

Allow me to get parochial for a moment. I’m spurred to post by seeing that Frank Walker of National Tile has finally made it onto tv ads. Eventhough they’re called national, I’m almost certain it’s a victoria only company.
Anyone who’s had the displeasure of hearing more than five minutes of that terrible, terrible talkback radio station 3aw will recognise the Frank Walker clarion-call; Huh-Lowww. Interstate and overseas readers, this man says hello at the start of every commercial he does and it’s the same sound a cow starts to make when it hits the front windscreen.



Aussie John? Boy would I like to hook some electrodes up to him and fry the bacon. You wanna know where the parasites are in society — they’re running these homeloan referral things. I know people who know how this trade works and for each loan that places like ‘aussie’ sets up they get $40 a week for however long the loan lasts – like thirty or forty years. And the interesting thing is that of all the kind of loans there are, people almost never renege on their home loan. The kids go to school without breakky before that happens.

One the other hand, I think Sydney of Sydney’s lounges and bedding is really cool. That’s the kind of interview I’d like to do for here – with a dude like Syd.

Oh yeah, I have it from reliable souces that Chris of ‘Chris and Marie’s plantfarm’ is a chronic gambler and has often been seen all night at the casino pissing away whatever you paid for that fern in the corner. If you look close at him in the ads you can see the soulessness in his eyes.

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