the justified ancients of mu-mu wanna see you sweat

What we’re considering: changing name to, “yak the sox” a la Robert The Bruce. That show ‘two men in a trench is a bit of fun. The shorter haired guy needs to work on his accent though – I can still understand him.
What we’re listening to: -soundtrack from Blue Hawaii Elvis movie,
the two Luke Vibert tracks – Slinky Hula and Fly Hawaii,
-anything by Add n to (X)
-having a closer listen to b(if)tek’s ‘frequencies will move together’ album. They’ve uploaded a couple of tracks from it for jor sampled listening pleasure here.

What we’re playing with: XMMS (it’s like winamp for Linux) can run two or more instances of itself, which means I am listening to two or more songs at once. It’s kind of fun some of the combinations it throws up when it’s all randomised. What would be really cool is if they could be in different channels with seperate volume handles so i could pretend to be a real dj. There’s got to be some software around that’ll do that.

What we’re remembering: a dream where I was walking through the arcade on Lygon street with my bike and worried I was going to knock stuff over with it. As I often do in reality I still had the helmet on. The arcade was heaps bigger. Ended up in this toy shop and looking at these mobilo spelling things and was quite impressed with how they worked. My attention was caught by a set of letters that I saw I could easily rearrange into ‘DSICO (that No-Talent Hack, Australia’s No.1 Dj)‘ – and I thought I’ll take a picture of it and send it to him. But was then filled with a familiar sense of, ‘how do I do this without anyone noticing?’

What bold culinary moves we’re making: replacing muesli and milk with Tiny Teddies and vanilla custard.

What we’re wondering: why sweat and sweating is still considered a ‘no-no’ particularly among women. This tense-looking stiff-limbed “walking” that some of them do is I presume, for the benefit of working off a bit of that arse-chunk. Along the foreshore I cruise by on the dragster, yell “Better lay off the cheesecake luv!” and cackle so hard that saliva with big bubbles in it gets on my chin.
This so called power walking is a Kofi Anan style compromise between Looking Good and Physical Activity and neither side’s winning. Get a bike and ride it up hills, is what I say. Hate the pedal. This isn’t a frikkin’ Dickens novel, sweating is sexy and if you don’t get a heart attack from the hill work then you’ll end up with a finely sculpted arse, like mine. Amen.