and then she butted me in the head. I said ‘what’s that for?’ and she said ‘that’s for the invasion of Crete!

This article on Hollyweird and English dumbness is a bit of a larf. The bit that 33% of pommies think Benito Mussolini, Fascist dictator, was fictional is partly understandable considering that Alexei Sayle does such a great impression of him. Usually they reserve this kind of survey for americans since they provide more hilarious results, what with the insularity and all. I’m kind of glad I’ve never seen a survey of australians because I know it’d be just as depressing.

But seriously, I know there’s some christian folks out there who read this occasionally, and despite the stupidity I don’t mean to offend anyone. But if I was battin’ for jesus then I’d be dead against that mel gibson movie for the reasons intimated in the article — everything hollywood touches turns to fiction, whether they mean it to or not. It might seem like a beneficial thing in that awareness of the jesus-man is raised, but the long-term affect is that he gets stuck in the same boat as BlueBeard, YellowBeard, Flash Gordon, Pippy Longstocking and Mr.Bean.

Besides, mel gibson sucks bigtime.

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