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Your dose of voyeurism can be got here, where there’s eight other people besides JM in Paris, who are doing the a-picture-a-day of themselves thing, including a pair of twins. By and large it appears to be a European phenomenon.

If that’s not enough, there’s this thing I saw (via brainal meltdown)– it’s an astonishingly large photo collection of nerds in their natural habitat. The element of similarity is that they all hold something against the side of their head, while individuality is expressed in what each chooses to hold there.

– On the local front, some dudes from this group Paraquest Australia successfully took a photo of a ghost at Barwon Park, which is a big old-timey estate near Winchelsea. Winchelsea is about 25kms S-W of geelong (check the map. Barwon Park was where rabbits were first let loose in Australia. The photo was in one of the local rags, but hopefully the paradudes will stick it on their site. The ghost was a woman in period clothing, who apparently still lives upstairs in one of the rooms. Didn’t sound nasty-spooky though — it said her room is normally warmer than the rest of the house. Like someone just forgot to tell her she was dead.

Here’s a list of some of the other more well known haunted buildings in Victoria. happy easter hols!

– A fairly decent old sort of collection of typefaces and something called Open Source Web Design which is shareable templates for dynamic sites. I saw both these links at

– The O’Reillys’ made a t-shirt that says, ‘I’m blogging this’ on it. Good for them. Maybe I should too.

– Last but not least, craneporn. Yet again the internet has shown me that I am not alone. I like cranes too!

I saw that link at axis of aevil, who I’ve been meaning to stick in the link-list. She’s in Finland, but is a native english-speaker so (sadly) no kinky sentence construction.

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