when Na met Cl2

I really like the sound of the two words Cheetham Salt, and have done for a while now. There’s something about that combination of vowel and consonant sounds that floats my boat. The fact that it’s also a company is not much more than a coincidence. It’s all frames, but I like the ‘about salt-> origins of salt’ page. Pretty convenient for Cheetham that the planet began to cool when it did.

I like salt. Salt cops it pretty bad from The Man these days. Salt makes things taste good. I think it’s up to each of us to figure out what’s good or not to have, and how much of it. For years when I was a teeny-bopper and early-mid twentysomething I’d just be doing nothing much, kicking back sprawled across the couch or whatever. And even in this relaxed condition I’d be suddenly racked by excruciating spasms in the arch of my left foot. Sometimes I thought it was the devil trying to get in through there. The foot-muscles would cramp, curl up like foetals and I would be there thinking woe and why?

These days I just eat more salt and everything’s schmick.

This is not a paid announcement from cheetham salt, although I wouldn’t mind it if it was, but they’d have to pay me in dollars because that’s another thing about salt — while ‘The System’ doesn’t want you to eat any, and everyone could well eat a bit more, there’s definitely an upper limit. I don’t like the idea of being paid off in salt, then eating too much that my fingers rust up like the Tin Man’s and I can’t use them to type on with the keyboard for.

Finally, I’d like too have a swipe at large sections of the global population for running-on their words when referring to the wife of Henry the VIII, Anne Boleyn. All this time I thought her name was ‘Amberlin’. Nice as that sounds, it’s wrong. Why the hell aren’t they pronouncing it “Anne [one-one thousand] Boleyn”??? Or “Boll-een”? This is what happens when you rely on televison to get your history lessons.

This is no crime because telly is the loudest talker about such things, and these wayward re-dramatisations of the lives of historical figures are getting saucier and saucier. It won’t be long before there’s a movie made called ‘The Wives of Henry the VIII‘ and all it is is hardcore prawnography with some period costumes thrown in.

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