Suharto is a Butcher!


There was a rally in town today because johnny howard came for dinner. Him and a bunch of local fatcats. I usually feel a bit disjointed showing up to these things in Geelong because they’re always disappointingly small, but this evening’s effort turned out not bad, plus my dear comrade GG was there which was a real surprise. He’d hauled some of the cadre down from melbourne since his car’s back on the road. Also I think maybe some of this exercise is paying off because I felt more energetic than usual. After 45mins of dippy chants, yelling out, “Pants On Fire!” really started to make sense. One of my psychol lecturers was there as part of the academics union. The coppers were pretty sleepy and tame, which is good.

I liked this placard because of the little glasses. Very succinct.

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