answers to burning questions

Are hot-x buns okay with choc-chips?

Well, I heard a voice in my head and it was Jesus. He said they were fine by him and then he dared me to let down the tyres of a bright yellow 4WD in the carpark. I said there were too many people around and that I’d come back when it was dark, but it wasn’t good enough for him.


I writ a whole bunch of other witty stuff here but when I pressed the Add Item button it dissapeared into that void where doomed weblog entries go. Thanks to those incompetent fools who I pay money to for renting this webserver space. Or maybe it was Jesus being vengeful. I’ve mentally vacillated about giving the webhost a public shit-canning when I leave it, but that was the last straw and now I consider it my duty as a whingey net-user not to let anyone else make the same mistake I did.

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