seeing a few friends off at the port


stools: … of course all this came after she launched the posthuman gardening/lifestyle show. And the mayotherapy clinic franchise–

me: Which was…? I’m sorry I’ve forgotten.

<%image(20040325-potbrief.jpg|187|178|potplant holding a briefcase)%>

stools: You get in a bath-tub of mayonaise.

me: That’s right.
    Y’know I don’t often catch myself saying this, but you’re a great conversationalist.

stools: Did you know that of all national peoples, Icelanders read the most books?
{Both laugh}

me: Sparkling!

stools: Listen, I’ve got to go.
    If you’ll be so kind as to release me.

me: You know I’d like to, but I can’t right now.

stools: There are heights I aspire to, feats to achieve, seas to sail.

me: You give me power. Without you I am nothing.

stools: Remember what Sting said, ‘If you love someone set them free’.

me: But Society deigns that I wait.

stools: Let me out now. Let me out. Let me out.

me: Where will you go?

stools: Kiwiland. It’s very happening.


me: But I’m still on the bus!

stools: I’ll manage.

me:{tears in eyes, grunting} Uuunnhhh! Oh geez this feels good.

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