Hey don’t look at me, blame the Sigmeister

It took over two years to get around to the good stuff — Freud. In hindsight, maybe I should’ve just bought a book of his and taken the travel agent job instead.

Sitcoms, soap operas – infact all kinds of dramas owe so much to the original flavour of psychoanalysis.

Last year I was stopped on the street by an acquaintance who asked me why I was studying psychology. I realised that I had no idea. If there had been a reason, it was long forgotten.

In the last couple of weeks I’ve found my purpose in life — writing poo jokes. Well, there’s heaps of disgusting stuff radiating directly from psychoanalysis, and also it’s various off-shoots. And there’s plenty of comedic angles that are yet to be exploited.

I normally wouldn’t show my hand, but this stuff is so good;
The Anal Personality — — The anal personality stems from the anal stage of development. In contrast to gratification associated with the mouth and oral activity, which can be expressed in adulthood in a relatively unrepressed form, the gratifications of anal impulses must undergo considerable transformation. In general, the traits of the anal character are related to processes going on at the anal stage of development that have not been completely relenquished. The important processes are the bodily processes (accumulation and release of fecal material) and interpersonal relations (the struggle of wills over toilet training).

Tying the two together; the anal person sees excretion as symbolic of enormous power. That such a view persists is shown in many everyday expressions such as the reference to the toilet as ”the throne“. The change for the oral to the anal character is one from ”give me“ to ”do what I tell you“, or from ”I have to give you“ to ”I must obey you“.

The anal character is known by a triad of traits, called the anal triad: orderliness and cleanliness, parsimony and stinginess, and obstinancy. The emphasis on cleanliness is expressed in the saying ”Cleanliness is next to godliness“. The anal-compulsive personality has a need to keep everything clean and in order, representing a reaction formation against things that are disorderly and unclean.

The second trait of the triad, parsimony-stinginess, relates to the anal-compulsives interest in holding onto things, an interest dating back to a wish to retain the powerful and important feces. The third trait in the triad, obstinancy, relates to the anal character’s infantile defiance against parting with stools, particularly on command of others. Dating back to toilet training and the struggle of wills, anal personalities often seek to be in control of things and have power or dominance over others.

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