quick notes from a paper delivery boy

– I have a theory that people who work in chronically smelly places tend to increase in mass, perhaps in some response to the bad air. I’m talking about places like fish shops, Subway.

– I’ve got a lot of respect for dogs that hang out in the front yard, see you cruising by and slotting the paper, and who don’t get worked up about it. No barking or yapping, just the dog equivelent of a quick nod.

<%image(20040323-fobiddenpool.jpg|307|230|the pool)%>

Everytime i get to this joint it’s warmed up and sunny mid-morning. I peek though and hear the sound of the pool is very inviting.

Here is a list of most intelligent dog breeds. It’s on the internet, so you don’t have to believe it. Anecdotal evidence would suggest the ozzy sheep dog should be higher, rottweilers are evil and huskies should be on there somwhere.

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