don’t tell her I told you but…

It’s funny how the sentence component “… or I’ll kill you.” has slipped into workaday conversational english, eg. “Give me a piece of gum or I’ll kill you”.
I lost a unit guide, which is 8 or 10 photocopied pages with essay questions and rules in it re: one of the subjects I’m doing. I asked if there was anyway I could get a replacement. They printed me out one, and as the otherwise mild-mannered, middle-aged secretary/clerical type woman hands it over to me she says, “Don’t tell your friends about this or I’ll have to kill you”.

They’ve put OS X on the old G3 bule&whites out here — with Safari, so now I can see how rooted the web page looks in that.

An observation re: the Kids. They’re all wearing these bits of nylony material around their necks with keys or whatever attached. The nylon loop denotes “access all areas” because usually they’re used for various kinds of security passes, and in corporate settings, ways of ranking slaves. The connotation is ‘freedom’ or ‘exclusivity’. These loops are also conveniently wide enough to fit a logo or corporation name on.

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