such is life, innit?

This morning in two seperate instances I saw old women talking to dogs. The dogs had been leashed up to fixed objects outside shops by their owners, who weren’t the old women.

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I had to make a special trip out to uni because their computers decided to unenrol me from a subject. I had to wait a half hour because the same computers had frozen up and wouldn’t access my file. Oh yeah, that’s one smooth operation they got out there.

I would really hoe into them properly, except for all I know this could be the standard nationwide. It’s a two-bit operation the whole way through, yet they insist on squeezing more money out of us each year. I think I’ve mentioned before that my studies are 75% off-campus. It’s not by choice — if I *did* want to attend lectures and tutes for these subjects I’m doing, I’d have to travel over 150kms one way, then nearly 100kms in the other direction every week. That’s nuts.

Listening to an RCA compilation of various black musics. Some of it’s really stand-out stuff, like ‘Sometimes I feel Like a Motherless Child’ – Paul Robeson. That vibratto thing that singers (usually opera) do with their voice makes me chunder, but in this gospel track it works well.

Also, there’s a Kid Koala live gig split into 4 bits for the grabbin’ here.

Slightly thoughtful piece about how clowns have to multitask to keep up, brought on by that clown convention. I saw a half-second shot on the news of a giant shoe stall.

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