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When I was in year seven there was a kid who brought 2 minute noodles in a thermos for lunch on the first day. He got nick-named Noodle because of that and the name stuck for the rest of the year, and maybe for the rest of high school, I don’t know – I moved away. Maybe he’s an accountant now and was happily punching those numbers away today at a desk with a name plate that said, “Noodle”.
Sometimes they would call him ‘Nooder’, or ‘noodleman’. his real name was david and he looked a bit like Macaulay Culkin, not that anyone would’ve made the comparison at the time since no one had heard of macaulay culkin back then.
It wasn’t a meanly intended nick-name. It was more of a situation of, ‘there’s nothing remarkable that we can see about this guy so let’s name him after his food’.

The arse-end of jokes was reserved for Jon (no relation to the spork’s Jon!) who got into trouble often. Once he came into class after lunch and some big kids had got a hold of him and had drawn big, round harry potter style spectacles on his face with black texta. Harry Potter hadn’t been heard of back then either.

A couple of weeks ago I was listening to some compilation CD set of blues, soul and R n’B stuff from da library. There was a track by a guy called Pigmeat Markham.
Three guesses what he brought for lunch.

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