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still eating peaches.


Thirty left. They’re ripening up on an hourly basis. There’s a strange smell in the room and it’s not exactly pleasant. But damn they taste good. I’ve shut myself in for a couple of days and done away with clothing because it was all getting stained and sticky. Amuse yourselves while I continue gorging myself.
o. f.
o. g.     f!

Spare a thought for poor Zellar over there who’s been revolutioning it up in defense of the right to blog whatever the hell he feels like (or at least I think that’s what it’s about — may be having another comprehension failure) and therefore, in extension, YOUR right to blog whatever YOU want.

Yes, that’s right. You may think that the whole thing about publishing in this medium is that you can sit there on that gas-lift chair and say whatever you want without having The Man nudging his groin against the back of your neck, but think again sistas and bruthas. All propagandists know that the most successful kind of manipulation is that which where those being manipulated don’t even know it’s happening, or even better, actively participate in propagating the lie.

When was the last time you mentioned ‘Lost in Translations‘ on your blog? Well, buddy you just been nudged.
And all those news-anchor parrots are ten times worse;
Canada Stalls on Trade Pact. Heh. Err, well I pretty much polly want a cracker? expected that they’d do that considering the pieces of 8! peices of 8! globalistaion Naftas”…

It’s a little known fact that even all of those so called quirky and off-beat sites that are so cleverly decked out in 1997 style decor contain hidden links straight back to the main websites run by The Man — newscorp, aol etc. When you link to the little site, you are unwittingly bending over for The Man.
I and we here at spouting urge you not to link to anything ever again. It’s the only way to be sure.

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