Did you know that ‘if’ and ‘sure’ are the middle words in Life Insurance?

omg these peaches are good. I ate ten last night.       omfg. Fruit trees in backyards are a gift.
I couple of years ago I was living in a rent house a few streets south of here. The owner sold it and we had to move out. The yuppie architect and his wife — the new owners, were eager to start fucking shit up and on the day we were moving they’d already come in and chopped down the apple and lemon trees. So they could install a pool and yuppy-car sized garage. They also chopped down a large, twenty year-old walnut tree that’d given us heaps of nuts the year before. The house wasn’t even for them – just a ‘do it up and flog it off’ job.
If I had my way, I’d chop their legs off just below the knee.

Reading the intro chapter to this personality text book I was reminded of how unbelievably dualistic whitey western society is. Off/on, toggle, switch, alternate – bridge pick up/neck pick up, one/zero, yes/no, good/bad, present/absent — all these binaries. A line with two ends can have specific stopping points in the middle, but they’re still part of the scale and they’ll always be stuck between the two end points.

But I’m not blaming capitalism, or rationalism or any of that. From what I can tell, dualistic thinking has been part of all that’s sprung from anglo thinking as far back as the druids.

What if the very first calculating machines and computers had been designed by crack zen monks? People who weren’t hedged in by the blip/blip …

I don’t know – I can’t imagine things like that, but I can imagine how nice it would be if my internet connection did not drag so often, and the MySql server i pay to use would stay connected.

What if, instead of the great leap being in electronic gadgets of communication, it’d been in telepathic ability. And over the last 40 years huge amount of time and effort had gone into understanding and learning how to manipulate interpersonal communication on that level.
Instead of holding a gizmo up to the side of the head, a person would get the message straight in their head. There would still be some laggards, like me, who hadn’t gotten on board most of these techniques, but they were there. People were continually letting a flow of communication between themselves and a person standing in front of them, be interrupted in preference for someone who was absent.

A whopping hop sideways into a parallel reality, which essentially is the same as this one because still no one’s listening to eachother.

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