It’d be convenient to have a professional, ridgey-didge astrologer on hand because lately I’ve noticed a bit of a jump in agro in both the external world and in me. I sent narky emails to both my ISP and web server host. They’re probably used to getting that kind of thing, but I’m not used to giving it. Also, something’s been bugging me today and I haven’t been able to lose it the way I normally do.


Spent a day or so down at TheRanch. That little cat is runnin’ amok. What kind of cat gets on the roof and starts running around at night? A bad cat, that’s what I say. It’s a combination of bad parenting and a brush-stroke of evil running through its character.
Also, I think that the neo-nazi skinhead organisation (is it national front? I forget what they’re calling themselves — all I remember is that they’ve pinched the southern cross emblem. Bastards.) is unofficially setting up in Colac.

But it’s not all bad. Infact, when I look out the window here everything’s peachy, literally. There’s a peach tree out there that’s buckling under its own weight with fruit. According to Higgins they’re ready to eat now too. After years of being short-changed by Nature, it’s finally giving something back. Last summer I weeded and watered and all this other nonsense and got about two crappy mushy “black russian” tomatoes out of it. I don’t know who’s idea it was to make black tomatoes.

Small things that I’m liking: new season Royal Gala apples – yum.
– products that come in re-usable glasses.
– the word “cwazy”. There’s some rapper dude out here at the moment whose name is [something] Cwazy [something] — it’s great to hear, say, read and write. If I was boss of the world I would make everybody say cwazy instead of crazy.
Cwazy as a doamin name is already taken by an email service, but the Frencher spelling, “quasy” is available.
(Update -6pm) – add Eating Peaches to that list.. It’s like biting children.

This year at school the psychology subjects I’m doing are ‘Research Methods, the sequel’ (because I’m a saddo) and ‘Personality’. A component of the former is psychometrics, which, for the uninitiated, is those questionnaires, like, if you wanna be a travel agent and you go to the interview and you do a questionnaire that has on it,

58. I am excited by fire.

And then based on what ju answer is if you become a travel agent.

Psychologists write them. A small set of steps that are part of the greater objective of completing my life-long ambition to construct one of those internet Quizilla “What ________ are you?” things. Mine will be, What piece of French 18th century furniture are you? Almost there — just got to do the 18 month TAFE Antique French furniture polishing and restoration course.

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