I hear the drummer strike the sky!

At thought scraps I saw a link to this page of antique weirdness – a bunch of bawdy images. Hehe – ride a cockhorse to banbury cross.

I watched a doco on Unkie Joe Stalin (and yes I know he was terrible and killed a lot of people, but lets face it — these days at least, who isn’t doing that?) It focussed on the propaganda side which I’d not heard a lot about. Was looking for net stuff on the movies made under him, including The Oath and others I can’t remember the names of, but found little. Just this collection of mainly allied propaganda posters.

In that current, I saw this link to nazi propaganda posters at adland ages ago. Despite the evilness, some of them come across as kinda kooky.

<%image(20040302-rad1.jpg|190|278|body and soul)%>

I know it’d never happen because of the opposing viewpoints, but to me, this one’s begging to be resampled into a gay nightclub promotional poster.

So anyway, Stalin as a media construction was interesting. He changed his name to stalin which means ‘man of steel’ — I think I’d heard that before but forgot it. In a stranger than fiction situation, there was this guy, an actor, who’s one and only ever role was playing stalin in the movies. That’d be a weird life.

I came across this page of explanation of santa in parts of north and western europe, but I can’t vouch for its factuality. I actually think it’s a rather neat troll. Get this:
“Iceland is quite a big exception. They don’t have a Santa Claus. They have a mean witch family – mother, father and 13 sons – who live on the mountain. In the middle of December sons come one by one down from the mountain and steel from houses and scare people. Besides this Icelander have also a huge christmas cat who also lives on the mountain. If child doesn’t have new clothes in christmas eve this cat come and eat child.”
“The biggest competitor to Finnish Santa Claus is Greenland’s Santa. He has an office in Greenland but he actually lives in the North Pole but because there is so cold he doesn’t meet visitors there. And this is The Santa Claus who is very popular in North-America.”

Note to self: write up oulandish, preposterous page of “christmas in australia” in time for it to be properly indexed by search engines for christmas this year.

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